Walk-in Freezers


We offer the next generation of foamed-in-place walk-in freezer with a unique new blend of the latest manufactured technology. Providing high efficiency foamed-in-place urethane that is the ultimate insulating material currently available for walk-in construction. Making your operating costs significantly reduced as a result of the high insulating panels that are manufactured with urethane insulation.

Every walk-in freezer is built with top quality commercial hardware, premium grade metal finishes and attention to manufacturing detail contribute to the overall appearance of the finished product.

Every walk-in freezer is equipped with a full complement of standard accessories designed to meet the needs of a broad range of end users. However, depending on your particular requirements, you may wish to include additional options and features. We can provide every item for even the most sophisticated of applications.

We can provide assist with the vigorous work of designing the electrical, plumbing and construction needed to achieve your long term goal.


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