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Vent Hood Systems

Commercial kitchens install commercial range hoods to remove the smoke and grease from their daily operations. Since smoke, grease, heat and steam have always been an inevitable factor in most forms of cooking, engineers have always looked for better devices to handle the smoke, grease, heat and steam constantly being applied to the building. Throughout the years, many different types of restaurant vent hoods have been innovated and fabricated in the constant pursuit of effectiveness and energy efficiency. There are a variety of vent hood styles, shapes, and sizes, each with their own specific application and implementation into an over all mechanical system design. It is important to keep in mind that a commercial vent hood is a component of an entire mechanical system which includes all the air movement within your building. Kitchen hoods work best when synchronized with an HVAC system that has been designed to take into account all the areas of air movement. The number of doors, the placement of the range vent hood, the number of doors, windows, diffusers and building construction type are all factors necessary to account for when designing a complete kitchen exhaust system.

A restaurant vent hood that has been correctly designed and installed will:

  • Allow you to open your entrance door without a struggle
  • Keep heating and cooling bills low
  • Promote smoke free air and grease vapor
  • Lower your risk for kitchen fires
  • Pull moisture out and reduce humidity levels

Installing the right vent hood system for your restaurant will make sure that your business maintains proper air balance. Proper kitchen vent hoods can save you considerable long term operations cost. Efficient kitchen ventilation systems are imperative to maintain proper air balance because it will have a significant impact on your day-to-day operations. Restaurant Vent Hood Systems provides not only safety and sanitation, but they also deliver effective regulation of the air quality and temperature of your entire facility.

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