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Countertop microwaves are one of the most often used cooking appliances. They are easy to use and familiar to most employees. Make no mistake however that these are commercial countertop microwaves intended for commercial use. The difference between residential microwave ovens and commercial ovens is the amount of wattage used to heat the product and the durability of the microwave's components. Commercial microwaves can heat large quantities at a time and are deigned for constant, all day usage. Many advanced microwaves have programmable cooking times and presets to help make your shift run faster.

Commercial VS. Residential Microwaves

Using a microwave built for residential use in a foodservice environment can end up costing you a great deal. It can also create some very serious safety hazards as it tries to keep up with your demands.

Here are a few facts illustrating the benefits of commercial:

  • Meets commercial insurance policy and health inspector requirements.
  • Tests to higher standards for added safety and peace of mind.
  • Built stronger with higher quality components, cooling fans, transformers, and control panels. Equipped with heavy-duty power cords and commercial quality relays.
  • Control panel allows easy menu programming for consistent results every time.
  • More powerful for faster heating and better quality results. Internal stirrer gives you even cooking results without the hassles of a turntable.
  • Commercial microwaves come with a wiring diagram that allows for faster and more accurate servicing. Residential microwaves often require complete replacement after a component failure.