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When working in a kitchen or other venue that utilizes gas equipment, such as kettles, buffets, griddles, and other such gas heated equipment, it is essential to have the proper gas hoses to ensure the safety of yourself, employees, and your facilities. Making the decision early to double check each and every gas hose, gas hose connector, disconnectors, head kits, gas regulators, and other gas related hoses, is essential.

For more information on proper gas hose connectors and regulations, contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives for advice and help.

Advantages of Using Flexible Gas Appliance Connectors

  • Improves sanitation and safety. When equipment can be easily moved and cleaned on a regular basis, this will reduce dirt, grime, and grease build-up. That means there will be improved cleanliness and a reduction in the possibility of a fire hazard. The most common installations will have 6" to 9" of dead space behind the stoves and grills. That space is blocked, making it hard to get behind and clean which will cause it to fill with debris and greasing, which creates very unpleasant odors and attracts insects, rodents and other pests or vermin.
  • Increase the aisle between work spaces and decreases the amount of space needed behind the equipment.
  • Creates easier equipment movement which makes servicing and cleaning easy.
  • Torsion stress is greatly reduced which gives product a longer life.