Refrigeration Merchandisers


Refrigerated Merchandisers are a great way of making a visual connection between your customer and your product. Refrigerated merchandising equipment is a wise investment and is standard in any restaurant, café, or convenience store.

We offer a range of merchandisers including refrigerated merchandisers, freezer merchandisers, glass door merchandisers, and counter glass door merchandisers to meet your needs.

Reasons To Use Glass Merchandisers

  • Products and key brands are immediately visible to the customer. Thus promoting impulse buying and increasing product sales.
  • Customers enjoy shopping for products that are displayed in a visually appealing manner with no broken packaging or disarray.
  • Consumers are provided with easier access to products and thus have the option of self-service.
  • The see-through glass also lets employees quickly see when inventory is low and needs replenishing.

Effective Merchandising Tips

What a customer sees, smells, and hears will directly affect the decisions they make on what  to purchase.

  • FACT: 60% of food quality perception is based on the environment.
  • A black interior makes your display case "disappear" and your fresh, colorful products "pop" out, easier to see.
  • Create colorful accents all around your fresh products by using larger platters.
  • See the freshness! Using tiered glass shelves will maximize the visibility on every level.
  • Make adjustments to the shelves in order to accommodate a bigger variety of merchandise as well as adding visual interest.
  • Using Mirrored ends and reflective rear doors will help the display appear fuller and fresher.
  • For a fresh image combine single serving foods together on a large platter.
  • Fluff your venue! Create appealing themes and displays by adding props, greenery, colorful fabrics, and even bottles of wine. Use your imagination and be creative!

Remember, it's all about stimulating the desire to purchase. The more attractive and enticing you make your displays by using a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and props, the more creativity you use the more your customers will enjoy their shopping experience. Satisfied customers will be sure to return to where they have the best shopping experience.