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Cutters are an essential part of your kitchen supplies. The first decision to make when looking into purchasing a cutter is whether to buy an electric cutter or a manual cutter. Electric cutters are perfect for larger venues that cut mass quantities of food such as French fries. Manual cutters/wedgers are perfect for food preparation such as cutting tomatoes, onions and other food products.

Electric cutters are ideal for venues that have high volume food production. If your restaurant, hotel, or other food service venue, for example, serves French fries, then purchasing an electric cutter is perfect. If you want to serve the freshest product with the freshest taste and highest quality, then the electric cutter should be an integral part of your kitchen supplies.

Manual cutters are perfect for all food preparation! A manual cutter is versatile because it can cut, core, slice, and dice your veggies and fruits. Using manual cutters is three times faster than cutting by hand and slices with practically no bruising or crushing! Make manual cutters an integral part of your kitchen and kitchen supplies!