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Make sure you keep plenty of salt and pepper ready for your table top. With our selection of pepper mills and more you can be sure that your tabletop is set with all the essentials.

Ground Pepper

For better flavor, always use freshly ground pepper. The flavor comes from the oils of the sliced peppercorns.

There are three basic types of pepper:

  • Black is the strongest (slightly hot with a hint of sweetness) flavor of the three.
  • White peppercorns are smaller, have a smoother skin and a light-tan color with a milder flavor.
  • Green peppercorn is the soft, under-ripe berry that is usually preserved in brine. It has a fresh flavor that is less pungent than the berry in its other forms.

Store whole in a cool, dark place for about a year. Ground pepper will keep its flavor for about four months. Green peppercorns packed in brine should be refrigerated once opened and will keep for one month; packed in water will keep for a week.