Commercial Charbroilers

Buyer's Guide

So how can you pick the correct Charbroiler for consistent mouthwatering burgers, juicy steaks or tenderly cooked chicken? Many restaurant owners have asked this question. So when investing on a Charbroiler it is not only for it to last, but also to get rapid recovery and consistent cooking throughout the day. Read on to help you select from the many choices out there:

 Product Fact:

Grate Hot spot

The key to a successful Charbroiler is to prevent “hot spots” on the grate as revealed by the white ash and rust in the center of the grate (see photo), due to a large temperature differential from the burner array creates a heat plume which draws heat toward the center and leaves the outer area cooler. Thus will result in an uneven heating of grill and inconsistent cooking on the Charbroiler. 

 But with the burners closer together at least 6” to 4”, the radiants are heating more efficiently and effectively, which will shorten the recovery time which will produce consistent cooking throughout the day. Plus it will take less BTU’s per hour to maintain the proper temperature..

Product Compare Chart:

Which Charbroiler is the right choice and why? 

The best choice recommended is Bakers Pride because:

1. Double wall insulated construction for consistent results

2. Burners are 4” apart and has a heavy cast iron radiant so you will get a consistent temperature on every inch of your grates and it will prevent hot spots.




Charbroilers are used in preparing a wide variety of meats, chicken, and fish. Lava rock charbroilers and Radiant Charbroilers provide a distinct charbroiled taste and appearance. A Restaurant Charbroiler is great for providing a consistent cooking temperature with minimal recovery. By focusing the heat source, you can cook more in less time. Charbroilers also run at higher heat levels meaning more BTU energy consumption. They also give your product a distinct charbroiled aroma which is highly desirable in most establishments.

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