Reach-In Refrigerators

When it comes to protecting your restaurant business and ensuring safety of the food you're serving, the most effective tools are the right size of commercial refrigerators and freezers. In fact, at room temperature, the number of bacteria that cause food borne sickness can double every 20 minutes! Chilling foods to proper temperatures is one of the best ways to slow the growth of these bacteria. USDA Food codes require that storage of foods are to be kept at proper temperatures prior to use and serving, with federal mandates dictating that internal food temperatures be held at 40°F or below in commercial refrigeration; the commercial freezer should be at -10°F to 5°F degrees, to ensure foods from degrading in quality. We have a large selection of commercial reach-in refrigerator and freezer models to meet your kitchen needs. Jean's Restaurant Supply is proud to offer you reach-in refrigeration solutions for any type of project. Use this overview on reach-in refrigerators and reach-in coolers when shopping.

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from an enclosed space with the intent of lowering the temperature and maintaining it. This is exactly what reach-in refrigerators accomplish, keeping your valuable food products safe and sanitary. The stainless steel reach-in refrigerators can endure high-volume wear and tear because they have such a sturdy steel structure. We have a refrigerator for every need: two-door, single door, four half-doors, even three full-door refrigerators. Here at Jean's Restaurant Supply, we only carry the best commercial reach-in refrigerators that are made of the highest quality materials and components. A variety of reach-in refrigerators are available to fit your business's needs.