Grease Traps

Grease Trap Information

Commercial grease traps are an integral part of most commercial kitchens. By utilizing the natural physical propoerties of material density grease traps are able to separate the oil and grease from the drain water running through your plumbing systems. This is critical to preserve proper drain flow and protect the city sewer lines.


When working with grease traps you may encounter different scenarios:


NEW CONSTRUCTION: For a new construction you may need to get an Engineer or Plumber involved to properly size a Grease Interceptor (Grease Trap) for your complete drainage system. We can work with your Plumber or Engineer to determine what grease trap will work for you.

EXISTING BUSINESS: We carries Grease traps from 20 lbs. to 100 lbs. capacity These grease interceptors are designed to be used with single items applications like a Wash Sink Prep Sinks Hand Sinks even some Dishwashers

WHAT’S A GREASE TRAP: Grease trap is a container that separates Grease from water thru a series of baffles eliminating grease from flowing into your drain lines causing it to clog.

CLEANING GREASE TRAPS: Grease Traps need to be cleaned on a regular basis in order for it to work properly. If they are not cleaned then you may encounter bad odors or clogged drains thru out your building

HOW TO SIZE UP THE GREASE TRAP: First need we to know what the Grease Trap will be connected to.

For example, if you’re connecting a 3 Compartment Sink, we need to know what size of bowls the sink has and add up the L x W x D of each compartment

Then we multiply the number of bowls in this case its 3 bowls

Then we  divide the total of the 3 compartments by 231

And finally Multiply the total by .75 This will give you the total lbs. capacity required for the 3-compartment sink.