Pre-Rinse Faucets, Hoses, and Spray Valves

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Pre-Rinse Faucets and Pre-Rinse Hoses: Commercial Plumbing Supplies

Spraying stuck-on food particles off of dishes is made a whole lot easier when using these pre-rinse faucets and spray valves. In restaurant kitchens, commercial prerinse faucets are indispensable tools. These specialized fixtures offer many benefits, notably expediting the dishwashing process. With powerful spray patterns and adjustable settings, prerinse faucets effectively remove food residues, grease, and debris from dishes, cookware, and utensils, streamlining the overall cleaning workflow. Their ergonomic design and user-friendly features contribute to a more comfortable and productive working environment for kitchen staff. Moreover, these faucets are designed to conserve water reducing utility costs for the restaurant. In the dynamic and fast-paced setting of a restaurant, a commercial prerinse faucet becomes a valuable asset, ensuring not only cleanliness but also operational efficiency. Long flexible hoses and handy spray nozzles assure smooth warewashing. We carry some of the industry leading brands that produce pre-rinse faucets like Fisher Faucet, Krowne and T&S Brass.

Krowne offers the Diamond series pre-rinse faucet and prerinse hoses. These faucets by Krowne Metal carry a lifetime warranty and are perfect for aggressive use in a busy kitchen.

Fisher has prerinse faucets that are ergonimiccaly designed and feature many water saving details that keep your restaurant utility bills under control.

T&S Brass prerinse hoses have been recognized as a standard of restaurant industry and can be found in warewashing operations all over.

Commercial plumbing supplies like kitchen pre-rinse faucets hoses are in stock at our two warehouse located in Corpus Christi, Texas and McAllen Texas.