Food Processors

Food processors

Food processors in essence are tools used to aid the process of grinding, chopping, slicing, and cutting a wide assortment of fruits, vegetables and meats. Food processors make the kitchen prep work easier and faster. We have a huge selection of meat grinders, slicers, vegetable cutters and food processing machines to take your kitchen to the next level.

How Much Money Will a Food Processor Save You?

Use the following formula based on actual figures for your operation.

  1. Length of time to process all items (items that are now processed by hand and the number of people and hours that are required for completion of those functions by hand).
  2. The length of time these same functions will take one person using a food processor.
  3. Subtract the lessor time (#2) from the greater time (#1).
  4. Multiply the number of hours saved by the hourly wage paid to get the daily savings.
  5. Multiply the daily savings by the number of operating days per year. This will give you the gross first-year savings.
  6. Subtract the cost of the food processor from the gross first-year savings. This gives you a net first-year savings. Each year thereafter the savings is the full amount.