Cheesemelters & Salamander Broilers

Cheesemelters are a great way to finish your food with just the right touch. Gas cheesemelters use fire to provide heat and electric cheese melters use electric elements that allow the food to reach a rapid temperature quickly. This process flashes the food with heat providing an almost instant melt to cheese and a variety of other ingredients. Cheese melters can be installed on the wall, an over shelf, above a range or on the counter. This commercial cooking equipment is a favorite among chefs for its precise control over the browning at the end of the cooking cycle. Restaurant cheese melters are also called food finishers or finishing ovens and often resemble a long toaster and oven combined. Some cheese melting equipment can also be used as a pass through which means the oven.

When you are looking for the perfect industrial strength broiler, look no further than the classic salamander broiler. For efficient and quick food browning, such as forming sugar on a crème brûlée, use this salamander oven!

These salamander broilers are recommended for sites that have medium to heavy customer traffic.