• Most of the reach-in units we carry are self contained meaning that all the components necessary to run the unit are physically placed on the unit itself. This is unlike remote refrigeration systems which allow you to place your reach-in's refrigeration components in a remote location typically outside the building. Remote condensers are available as an option for many of our models. Self-contained reach-ins will normally place their compressors on the top of the cabinet or underneath the cabinet. If the placement of the compressor plays an important role in your space then you will want to note whether the unit you are interested in meets your needs.
  • Reach-in refrigerators and freezers come with standard shelving. Some models will give you the option of upgrading your shelves to be able to slide out like a drawer. This lets you gain better access to product that may be placed near the rear of the unit. Upgrades are also available which allow you to hold full size pans. This is very beneficial for storing food quickly without the need of transporting to a food storage container. Check for cavity sizes to make sure the unit will accept a full size pan.
  • Check the hinging and door placement on the refrigeration unit. Reach in coolers and reach in freezers offer many options on their hinging and placement. Verify with your layout that the door swings will not interfere with any heavy traffic or other pieces of existing equipment. Most of are reach in freezers and cooler can have their hinging moved to better tailor your needs.
  • Be sure to read our Buyer's Guide For Reach-In Coolers and Freezers to make sure you consider the right options before you make your purchase.