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Margarita Machines - Frozen Beverage Dispensers

Margarita machines and frozen beverage machines are particularly great becuase they generate revenue! This money making machines make fraozen margaritas, frozen beverages and granitas that you can sell to your customers. If you have a bar in your restaurant then having a commercial margarita machine is a wise choice. Often there are people who will go to your restaurant just to have a frozen margarita. Capatilizing on happy hours or specials that sell frozen margaritas can prove to be very lucrative for the bar and restaurant industry.

What are the different types of margarita machines?

Margarita machines come in a variety of sizes and can be water cooled, air cooled or have their refrigerations condensers located remotely. Depending on how much volume you require and where you are geographically located, you will need to decide on a machine configuration that works best for you. Our margarita machine selection guide is a great starting point to find out what size frozen margarita maker you will need. One thing to always have in mind is that when it comes to frozen margarita machines and frozen beverage dispensers how often you are serving margaritas is the criteria to focus on. Even though a frozen beverage machine has a large holding capacity, its production and thru-put (how many margaritas can you serve at once) will be the key point to focus on.

Should I rent or lease a commercial margarita machine?

Depending on your business needs it might make sense to find margartia machines for rent or lease a commercial margarita machine for your venue. If you sell margaritas at infrequent times or if you just need a margarita maker for a special occasion then renting or leasing is a very good option. If you need help finding margarita machines for rent or need to lease a commercial margarita machine, please contact us and we will be able to assist you!

Commercial Margarita Machine In Texas

Let Jean's Restaurant Supply be your partner for getting margarita machines for your  business. We have commercial margartia machines and frozen drink dispensers from several well trusted brands. Margarita machines are kept in stock at our warehouses in McAllen, Texas and Corpus Christi, Texas.