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Cleanliness is the most important factor that decides the fate of a restaurant business. Clean glasses are very essential for two reasons. One, for good business growth, two, to maintain supreme level of sanitation.

To help you achieve the best sanitation, Jean’s Restaurant Supply has high quality bar glass washer to offer. We deliver extensive range of commercial glass washers. We have in our store the Sparta Standard Refill Brush, Twin bar glass washers, and triple commercial glasswashers. These high performance models will help you maintain cleanliness behind the bar and dishwashing room. We also have hand held and stand-alone glasswashers for quick washing.

Clean Glasses Raise Profits

Any dirt, grease, or soap film left on a glass can leave beverages flat. A properly cleaned glass will allow water to sheet off evenly, thus leaving it to dry without spots or streaks. Drinks like soda and sparkling wine will taste fresher and have more fizz. Wine lovers will enjoy the experience of true color, aroma, and taste of fine wines. When you serve beer, clean glasses promote an appealing "head" on the beer that leaves a lace with every sip. Being able to control the head on a beer also carries profit and loss factors. An electric glass washer and proper chemicals may be something to consider for consistent profits and customer satisfaction in beverage service.