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China Platters - Dinnerware Platters - Restaurant China Platters

These platters are perfect for all your restaurant needs. Our china platters and dinner ware platters are durable, colorful and made for use in a busy restaurant. Make sure that you have the perfect platters on hand to properly accommodate all you guests quickly and efficiently!

There are many different typse of materials used when creating restaurant china platters. Certain companies use precelain, bone china or stoneware to create their dinnerware platters.

Porcelain, crafted from kaolin clay, maintains its pristine white hue even after being fired. With firing temperatures exceeding 1300°C, porcelain achieves a more thorough vitrification compared to stoneware. Typically adorned with a clear glaze, the white body of porcelain remains visible. The fired shade tends to be a "cool" white, in contrast to the warmer white of bone china. Porcelain undergoes vitrification in the second firing of a two-step process, with the second firing generally hotter than that of bone china. Although this imparts a harder finish, it also renders porcelain more brittle. The higher firing temperature may pose challenges in decorating compared to stoneware or bone china. Notably, the composition of porcelain clays is often more malleable, allowing for the creation of intricate and detailed shapes.

Ceramic Dinnerware and restaurant platters are susceptible to breakage or chipping, primarily due to improper handling. To mitigate these issues, it is crucial to adhere to certain guidelines. Avoid overloading bus boxes and dish racks, as well as using metal utensils to scrape food off dishes. Ensure the use of the correct warewashing rack, steering clear of metal alternatives. Refrain from stacking heavy items onto lighter ones and avoid creating overly tall plate stacks. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid nesting cups and to use caution with high water pressure during dishwashing. Installing rubber guards on the warewashing machine contributes to protection against breakage. Lastly, for a secure wash "prep area," consider incorporating protective matting on the floor. Following these rules promotes the longevity of ceramic dinnerware.

We provide excellent selections of decorative platters and are able to offer you unique styles of platters to choose from. Jean's Restaurant Supply is a great source for finding all your china platters and dinnerware platters in Texas! We have a large selection of China Platters in a variety of colors and sizes. We keep in stock restaurant platters from brands like ITI International Tableware, Crestware and Carlisle. If you need platters made of durable china, Jean's Restaurant Supply be your reliable source.

Jean's Restaurant Supply is your go-to destination for an extensive selection of restaurant platters, catering to a variety of needs in the culinary industry. Our inventory includes China platters, porcelain platters, and ceramic platters, each designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Whether you are searching for commercial chinaware or dinnerware, our collection encompasses a diverse range of options. At Jean's, we take pride in offering not only individual platters but also complete sets, ensuring that your restaurant is equipped with the finest commercial china platters, porcelain platters, and ceramic platters to elevate your dining presentation. Trust Jean's Restaurant Supply for top-notch plate solutions, where excellence meets functionality in the realm of commercial dinnerware.