How To Operate Your Oven Wisely

  • You made a wise investment in choosing a convectional oven but you must have faith that your unit is doing its job! A common mistake people make is constantly checking on their goods by opening the door. Every time the door is open you let out heat and you lose time and energy. The loss of heat causes your burners to cycle back on to bring the temperature back up. You can cook large amounts of food at one time, just make sure the door is kept shut.
  • As with any oven, thaw out frozen foods before placing them in the convection oven. The heat generated by your oven will react better with foods that have been thoroughly thawed giving you a better finish product.
  • Try to space your food evenly if cooking several portions. Remember that the better the air circulation is within your convection oven, the more evenly your food will be prepared. If using multiple sheet pans, even them out and avoid loading more food than the pan can hold.
  • Throw the foil out! Simply put, do not use aluminum foil in a convection oven. When using a convection oven, the circulation of air is critical in providing uniform heat throughout your entire product. Foil disrupts the flow of air meaning your cooking will be uneven. Foil can also come loose and get caught in the fan which could lead to ruining the motor.
  • Electric convection ovens are the most efficient type of convection oven available. However, many electric convection ovens require a longer preheat time. Vulcan recommends that you preheat their electric convectional ovens 50°F higher than your baking temperature. Once the oven is preheated, bring the temperature back down and place your product inside. Cook as normal.
  • Above all, the cleaner your unit is the better it will run. Make sure that the inside cavity, fan guards, and the fan blades are cleaned. You can always place a sheet pan underneath your last rack to catch any run-off from your products. This will make it easier for you to clean. Clean with soap and water and use degreaser when necessary. Do not use a hose to clean the unit.