Things To Remember After Purchasing Your First Griddle

  • After purchasing the griddle you will want to heat it up to about 300° F and coat it with unsalted shortening with a dry, clean hand cloth. Allow it to stand for a few minutes (2 minutes should be fine). This is called the "seasoning" process. Repeat the seasoning process until the griddle"s surface is slick and completely coated. After this, remove any built up carbonized coating on the griddle surface and remember to wipe the griddle regularly with a heavy, grease absorbent hand towel or cloth.
  • In between uses, be sure to clean off the griddle surface with a metal grill scraper or broiler master brush with carbon steel bristles. The scraper or broiler brush will work perfectly to clean off any remaining food particles. Be careful, however, as to not scratch the griddle surface.
  • For a detailed cleaning at the end of the day, turn the griddle off and let cool for a few minutes. After the griddle surface is cooled to "warm", clean the surface with screens or pumice with the grain on the griddle surface. Take the grease trays and empty & clean them, then return them to the griddle. Some people may "bleach" the griddle surface with club soda or vinegar to keep a new, clean look. Most importantly, however, is to re-season the griddle once you have completely cleaned it.