Few Things to Consider While Shopping for Bar Stools

  • Choose the materials for your bar stool wisely. Most of the time a person shopping for a set of bar stools has a general idea of what they should look like. With so many bar stool options it can seem a bit overwhelming to decide. However, making a checklist of what will work and what will not work will alleviate any of the options you know you will not need. Our bar stools are available as standard pieces with the materials shown and listed but are in no way limited to what you see. We can have your bar stools upholstered in a wide variety of materials, fabrics and color many times without even affecting the base cost. If you don't find something you like or find a bar stool not exactly the way you want it, let us know and we will be happy to discuss ways to customize your order. Check for color swatches and fabric options links on all of our furniture and bar stool products.
  • Measure your bar height, measure your counter height and measure your table height before you decide what type of bar stool you need. Typically gaps from the stool seat to the table or counter bottom greater than 12" feel a bit awkward. Restaurant seats rest at an average of 18" from the floor. Bar stools can vary in height but are typically around 30" from the seat to the floor. If purchasing your bar stools to actually sit at a bar (42" H) then consider standard sized 30" stools. This will give your bar the proper "feel" and sit most average people comfortably for eating, drinking or chatting in your establishment. Keep in mind that for most people's thighs 8"-12" is the usual thickness so compensate for this when deciding what size bar stool to select.
  • Backless bar stool are great for most restaurant applications where drinks are served at the bar prior to the main meal. This implies the person will not be seated at the bar for an extended period of time. However, if patrons are to be seated in bar stools for prolonged periods of time or for the entire duration of their visit, consider investing in a bar stool with a back rest. This adds much more comfort than the typical backless barstool which tends to become uncomfortable after a prolonged period of sitting. Backrests provide support and will keep your customers more comfortable and happy. A bar stool with a backrest gives out flair and really defines the intricacies of the aesthetics within itself. It is a very noticeable detail when you enter a bar area set out with back rested bar stools.