Buyers Guide For Reach-In Refrigeration and Freezing Equipments

Choosing the right type of refrigeration is a very critical element in your choice of proper restaurant supplies. Aside from your cooking and prep line, no other piece of equipment will get the most use than your reach-in refrigerators/freezers. This is what is going to keep your product fresh and readily available to your kitchen. At Jean's Restaurant Supply we want to make sure you consider these important factors when purchasing a reach in refrigerator or freezer.

  • Make sure you have the space to accommodate your reach-in refrigerator or freezer. Always account for doorways and corridors, height clearances, and any obstruction and verify you will be able to get the refrigerator where you need it to go. Our specifications will show you how large each unit is so plan ahead. Sometimes only a few inches makes a huge difference. If you are ever in doubt consult with the Jean's Restaurant Supply Design Team and we will help you in sizing up and positioning your equipment.
  • Check your door swings. Consider what will be next to your reach-in refrigerator/freezer and make sure you will have adequate room to open it comfortably without causing any congestion. Be aware of high traffic locations and how they affect the placement of your refrigerator.
  • Know what products and how much of them you will store inside of the unit. For some kitchens a single or double door reach in will do just fine. For others a 3 door would be the ideal choice. The True T-72 reach in for example holds 72 cubic feet with 9 shelves.
  • Casters on reach-in refrigerators and reach-in freezers are critical. They allow for easier sanitation and make your equipment much easier to move when needed. Health inspectors will take note of this.
  • Know what products will need to be frozen and which will need to maintain constant refrigeration. This will help you in deciding which products will go into your reach-ins. This will ultimately dictate what size you will need. For certain operations, more freezing room is need than refrigeration