A good way of approaching dinnerware and china is to first ask yourself how they will be used. Do you have china which goes into a cheesemelter before being served? Do you microwave your china? Do you serve hot foods on chilled or refrigerated plates? All these common scenarios play important roles in helping you determine the proper china ware supplies.

How Is Restaurant China Made?

Looking at the types of construction methods used when manufacturing china will help you to understand what your china can ultimately be used for. First, understand that most commercial china used in restaurants is basically clay that is shaped, glazed, and then 'cooked' in a oven called a kiln. Larger commercial kilns are used to manufacture large quantities of china. Because of this, the quality of restaurant china is directly related to the type of clay, the glaze, and the firing method used. Companies like Homer Laughlin use 'non-porous clay' which provides higher tensile strength and thermal shock resistance to their china line. Often companies will also provide 'rolled' edges or shape configurations designed to provide additional strength to the china.

What Color Should I Choose?

Well, that depends on type of theme you are trying to achieve. With our wide selection of china we can come up with a dinnerware solution that fits perfectly for your establishment. Keep in mind that the selections offered on our web site are only a fraction of what we can get for you. Sample patterns are also available for serious buyers or for those intending to make bulk purchases. We offer a wide selection of styles to match existing decor, but we can also work with you to come up with an original theme. If deciding on a new chinaware configuration keep in mind a few simple rules of interior design. Often times less is more. Unless you are trying to achieve a particular theme, you will want your china to compliment your dining room, not dominate it. Color choice will be more apparent than shape in this regard. Certain colors add more warmth to your establishment where as colors such as black add a classier and elegant feel. If you are looking to provide a contrasting background for your menu items, ivory or white colors will work well. For a more livelier atmosphere, choose china with pattern designs or brighter colors such as red and orange. If choosing colored plates, be careful to make a selection that also compliments the colors of your food. Pink china plates may be used for gourmet desserts, but would look odd with prime rib steak. Envision what your food will look like on your china and pick a theme that enhances the flow of your decor.

HWhat Size China Do I Need?

Again, look at your menu when making this decision. Know how everything on your menu is portioned, served, and presented at the table. Being consistent in this regard can be a tremendous help in narrowing down your china dinnerware selection. Deciding on whether a menu item will be served in a bowl or on a plate is critical in sizing your chinaware. Also, decide how various combination menu items will be served. Platters provide an excellent method for setting dedicated areas of the plate for portions. You will also want to decide what menu items if any will use a charger plate. Make sure that your china and dinnerware will fit your menu items accordingly and that you do not have food overflowing your china. Many of our china products feature raised rims to help frame your food, enhancing the presentation.

How Much Chinaware Do I Need?

You will of course want to have enough china and dinnerware to service your entire restaurant at any given time. Aside from having a place setting at every table, you will want to keep a surplus ready for any unforeseen incidents such as plate breakage during the washing process. It is also a good idea to keep some clean dinnerware ready at the waitress station and the bar. If plates are to be used for food storage and quick serving, such as pre made salads, do not count these towards your overall seating capacity. Have clean salad plates and bowls ready, even if you serve 'pre-made' menu items.

Cleaning China:

Obviously, clean dinnerware and china are a must. Various restaurants approach dish sanitation in different ways but the rule in commercial kitchens is to CLEAN, RINSE, and SANITIZE all of your china, dishes, flatware, drink ware, and cooking utensils. This can be achieved using a standard three compartment sink or with a commercial dish machine. The majority of china and dinnerware used in restaurants will be 'dishwasher safe' but its a good idea to always make sure, especially when switching to a new style or brand. It is recommended that specialty china and fine glassware, like glass platters or wine glasses, are hand washed. This is to ensure that these items will not go through a rigorous wash cycle that may damage or scratch your china. We also recommend that any china with a decorative metallic band, be washed by hand.

Keeping your restaurant stocked with all the right china and dinnerware is a must. China can enhance the presentation of your food, so pick your styles wisely. If you are ever unsure contact us and we will be glad to help. We offer the finest selection of china available for the food service industry, at incredibly low prices!