Buyers Guide For Commercial Kitchen Mixers

First, decide what size you will need. Is your venue a pizza restaurant or bakery? These would require larger mixers, usually a floor mixer. Depending on use and volume, you could purchase mixers that fit nicely on the counter top or those that require floor space. Other concerns should include the variable speed, safety guards, ingredient chutes, and types of attachments such as whips, beaters, and dough hooks. Most all commercial mixers come standard (especially large floor models) with emergency stop buttons, timers, and a bowl screen.

Floor Mixers Floor mixers are perfect for high volume bakeries, pizza restaurants, and delis! Having a floor mixer that is the right size for your venue is as important as the ingredients put into your food. If you mixer is too small, you may run the risk of not meeting demand thus slowing service. In addition to having the right size floor mixer you will need the proper dough hooks, wire whips, beaters and bowls to accompany your floor mixer. We have everything you need here at Jean’s!

Countertop Mixers For everyday mixing needs that may not require large floor models, our professional commercial countertop and table mixers are the perfect fit. Using a mixer that is too oversized for your venue could cost you more money due to increased energy costs. By making sure you have the right size countertop mixer you save yourself time, money and energy. Once you have chosen the right countertop or tabletop mixer for yourself, we have the dough hooks, bowls, beaters and whips that you need to go along with it!

Mixer Accessories Having the right mixer accessories is just as important as having the right mixer. At Jean’s not only do we carry commercial mixers, we carry the accessories that you need to go with them! Whether you need dough hooks, wire whips, beaters, stainless steel mixing bowls, safety guards, batter beaters, or bowl screens, we have what you need.