Drinkware | Glassware - Tumblers

Glassware This category covers all of our drinkware constructed of glass materials. Glassware is used for both the bar area as well as for drink service in your main dining section. Glassware is often much heavier than other types of drinkware. It is easy to clean, hygienic, and very durable. We recommend glass beer mugs for use with your mug chillers.

Tumblers Tumblers are versatile drinking utensils. By utilizing the unique material properties of melamine, tumblers offer a virtually unbreakable drinkware solution. Tumblers are found in restaurants and bars all over the world. Tumblers also come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You'll be sure to find a set of tumblers just right for your theme.

When it comes to drinkware there are many different styles with various uses. Drinkware or Beverageware is a term used to categorize the vessels people use to drink. This can be taken even further, making the sub category of glassware, which is drink ware made of glass. This is followed by another category of drinkware called stemware, which is drinkware that stands on a stem. Here at Jean’s Restaurant Supply, we have a huge variety of drink ware in various colors, sizes, and materials.