Gas Steamers or Electric Steamers, Which are perfect for Restaurants?

Gas Steamers

At Jean's, we know that a gas steamer is an important investment. So we are committed to helping you find the right steamer for your venue. One of the features of owning a gas steamer is that the open flame consumes any potential smoke from the food. There are two categories of gas steamers, over-fired & under-fired. Over fired gas steamers have the gas heating elements "over" the food and under-fired gas steamers have the elements "under" the food.

Electric Steamers

Electric steamers are perfect for venues that do not have access to gas lines. The electric steamer design helps lower maintenance costs because of its boilerless design. In general, electric steamers have a faster recovery time and pre-heat times, which is perfect for high-volume restaurants, hotels, and other institutional venues. And probably one of the biggest benefits of owning an electric steamer is that it comes with insulation that keeps the heat in, instead of in the kitchen!