Different Types of Ice Machines & Accessories

Cube Ice Machines - This type of ice machine is great for all around use. Found in restaurant and diners the world over, cube ice is one of the most common forms of ice made by an ice machine.Cube ice comes in two general styles: full-cube and half-cube. Cube ice makers are built to accommodate vast amounts of production capacities and are available in either self contained or remote condensing systems.

Flake Ice Machines - Flake ice is great for use in seafood and meat markets. Many flake ice machine owners will use their ice to pack fish and meat for display and merchandising. Flake ice is unique in that it fills in the area around your product unlike cube ice which creates warm air pockets that inevitably melt your ice. Flake ice machines fill in the spaces creating a cradle of ice for your product.

Nugget Ice Machines - Nugget ice is highly desirable in beverages. This is the type of ice that has made many fast food establishments like Sonic popular with their drinks. Its is a very soft and delicious ice that can be chewed on. Nugget ice is a great way to improve any existing soft drink station.

Under Counter Ice Machines - This type of ice machine is a great space saver. By self containing the ice maker and the ice bin in a compact and short machine you are able to provide ice in areas otherwise inaccessible. Under counter ice machines come in variety of capacities and sizes to fit your needs.

Ice Merchandisers - These units are perfect for vending bagged ice in your establishment. Ice merchandisers help turn your existing ice machine's productivity into a steady stream of sales. Ice merchandisers are great in c-stores, liquor stores, fast food restaurants and markets.

Ice Dispensers - Ice dispensing equipment is used in drink stations to help create an entirely self service station. Ice dispensers are designed to couple with beverage dispensing units. Once implemented you will have a complete unit ready for beverage and ice dispensing. These are the typical ice dispensing set ups you will encounter at most established fast food restaurants.

Ice Machine Accessories - Here you will find a variety of scoops and picks to help aid in the handling of your ice. We recommend you keep a replenished stock of ice scoops and picks for your establishment. Always use an ice scoop and avoid dipping any drink ware directly into the ice bin. Doing so causes cross contamination from the cup. It also leaves you vulnerable to breaking glass by moving drink ware in the ice too hard. If glass is ever broken in the bin, you must empty it immediately and begin a fresh harvest without exception.

Water Filters - Water filters are a must have accessory to any ice machine purchase. By purchasing a water filtration system you enhance the life cycle of your ice machine. Water filters are also great for beverage stations or any equipment using potable water lines. Coffee and tea houses will enjoy the premium taste enhancement that a clean and filtered water will give their beverage equipment.