Things to Consider while Buying a Undercounter Freezers or Refrigirators

  • Undercounter refrigerators and undercounter freezers are primarily self contained. Check the placement of the compressors on the unit to verify you have adequate ventilation. Custom remote undercounter refrigeration is also available. Let us know your requirements and we will be happy to quote you.
  • Our undercounter freezers and coolers come as a hinged door, or as a sliding drawer. Both have their advantages and applications. Drawers on an undercounter refrigerator or freezer will be very useful in organizing your products. Doors on an under counter refrigeration unit will provide you with more cubic foot capacity and typically have removable wire shelving within the cabinet. Door hinging options are also available for most of our under counter refrigeration. Please inquire about any special needs you may have.
  • Certain models are built to make their accessibility ADA complaint. Look for this feature if you must design your area within specific building codes. Most of our undercounter freezers and undercounter refrigerators come with a cord and plug and run at 115 volts giving you leverage in the positioning of your piece. For space saving installations, low profile "shorty" models are available and are specifically designed to fit under existing counter tops. Normal working height for undercounter freezers and undercounter refrigerators is 36". Low profile and shorty undercounter refrigeration units will have a working height at 3-1/2".