Things to Consider While Shopping for Commercial Cooking and Restaurant Equipment

To help aid you during your shopping process here are a few things to consider while browsing through our commercial cooking and restaurant equipment items.

  • Know what utilities you have in your building. There are many pros and cons while comparing gas and electric cooking equipment but ultimately, you have to work with what you have. Many areas do not have accessibility to gas. In situations like this you always have the alternative of propane or electric equipment.
  • Make sure that you have adequate ventilation and room under your vent hood to accommodate all the equipment. As a rule of thumb we never spec out commercial cooking equipment to be more than 6" minimum clearance from the edge of the vent hood to the edge of the unit. If you have a 24" grill and a 36" commercial range then you would want a vent hood no shorter than 6ft.
  • Verify that the equipment can be put into an existing building! We have seen it happen before. Someone purchases and large convection oven and tries to get it into their small kitchen. Although there is plenty of space inside the room, the door is too small and the convection oven will not go through. This can be avoided if you take some quick measurements before you start shopping. Get the clearance of your door openings, make sure you have adequate corridor space to move your equipment through and double check ceiling height clearances to make sure you have a safe fit. Many commercial cooking equipment specifications call for at least 6 – 18 inches clearance away from combustible surfaces. Always double check dimensions on the cooking equipment specification sheets which we offer for download on product pages.
  • Many of these commercial cooking units are very heavy and large items that must be sent with a freight company and cannot be sent via UPS or FedEX. For extra large items or multiple item purchases you may contact us for a freight quotation.