Bar Refrigeration

  • Bar refrigeration such as bottle coolers and back bar coolers will give you their maximum storage capacities in cubic feet, bottle case capacity, and can case capacity. Remember that you should always shoot for a little more storage room than anticipated. During heavy rushes or busy seasons you want to be stocked and ready for all of your customers. Many bar refrigeration units have optional bottle and wine rack organizers allowing you to properly sort out and organize your cold beverages.
  • Direct draw beer dispensers are a great way to keep your kegs tapped and flowing while maintaining the chill you know your customers crave. These types of beer dispensers have cabinets designed to accommodate all types of beer kegs. Certain models even feature refrigerated draft columns which keep the beer cold all the way through. For even easier serving in your bar, certain direct draw beer dispenser models will come with an optional glass & plate chiller. These beer dispensing units are great for serving cold beer (33°F to 38°F) and having an easy to reach refrigerated storage area for chilled beer or wine glasses in one space saving area.
  • Essential in almost every bar or restaurant, back bar coolers allow easy access to your bottled and canned beverages. Many back bar refrigeration units have glass doors which help in merchandising your product. These are great places for your imports and wines or any specialty type beverages that your customers may not have been aware are available. Back bar coolers also come with stainless steel tops which are great for optional counter storage. Back bar coolers are also designed to slide under a bar seamlessly. Please refer to the overall product dimensions when sizing your equipment and verify your bar has allowed for the proper clearance.
  • We at Jean's Restaurant Supply are proud to offer you some of the highest quality bar refrigeration in the industry. If you can't find what you need or need some advice in choosing a product, don't hesitate to contact us. We would also like to remind you to please be responsible in the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages. You have the right to refuse service to anyone! Never be afraid to use that rule when necessary.