Choosing Glassware
The sizes, shapes and styles of glass you choose will affect your entire presentation of beverages. Consider what type of drink you will be serving most and find a type of glass to complement. Ask yourself, will a lot of ice be used? Will the drink be garnished? Will liquor be served that needs to be portion controlled?

Determine the amount of ounces your drink will be per portion based on price and profit.

Glassware Care
To keep your glassware in great shape, avoid glass-on-glass contact. Do not stack your glassware, or carry them in bouquets. When bussing tables, use a glass rack so that each glass has its own compartment. This will give your glassware a longer life.

Glassware Durability
Thicker glass with a beaded or rolled rim is less likely to break. Heated treated glass is also more durable. Straight edged glasses are less likely to break than curvy or flared glasses.

Glass Backup
Have an adequate backup supply of glasses for rush periods. To avoid thermal shock, never place recently washed glasses into service. Let glasses stand long enough to reach room temperature.

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