A Few Ideas

Concession Stand Locations

  • Consider where you plan on locating your concession stand setup. Many of our concession equipment items are created to be mobile. For cart style and mobile concessions, customer "hot spots" are related to the event at hand. For events that are scattered about such as carnivals and outdoor festivals, know the layout of the attractions. Consider areas where younger children are to capitalize on your sweets sales such as cotton candy, candy apples and snow cones. If you are unrestricted in where you set up, situating your station in a centralized location where the heaviest flow of people will see you is an ideal spot. Remember that if patrons cannot find you they cannot buy from you. Avoid dead corners or areas where mechanical and noisy equipment is setup.
  • If you are allowed to vend only in designated concession area you may run into serious competition from your neighbors. If location is not an option then consider your menu. Sell the standards but also invest in providing a wide variety of items at the lowest costs. If a customer can buy everything they want from your stand then the line between price differences begins to blur. Customers will be in a hurry so provide them with what they need. Have prices readily available and visible if possible. For almost every type of concession cola drinks, sports drinks, bottled waters and coffee are a must.
  • Stock your items to a minimum. You do not want to hold an abundance of perishable items that will require major refrigeration or expensive storage. Consider pre-packaged "quick serve" style foods than can be prepared and held under your heat lamps and warmers. Certain types of concession equipment can be both mobile and stationary so keep this in mind when shopping for concession supplies.

Concession Kitchens

  • When your concession equipment is not mobile and you have a designated kitchen area, consider what variety a foods will be offered in your menu. Concession equipment is generally tailored for specific products so have your menu in mind when shopping. A large variety of fast serving foods is a great idea for any concession so choose your concession equipment wisely.
  • Consider what your event is. Baseball stadium concessions will all generally sell the most popular items which can include: peanuts, nachos, pickles, candies, gum, popcorn, and sunflower seeds. Make sure to carry the basics.
  • Merchandisers and concession display cases are a great way to present your products to your customers. A menu will provide a readable list with pricing but impulse buys will come from your customers actually seeing your product. Pizza merchandisers, nacho chip warmers, and popcorn display cases will prove to be hot sellers for your concession. If you have the counter space, utilize it wisely with the proper concession supplies.
  • If your kitchen is set up with a vent hood and is capable of housing commercial restaurant equipment then think about gearing up your kitchen to the fullest extent. A fully functioning concession kitchen with the right concession equipment can provide you with product variations for a seasonal menu. Think hotter and warmer foods for your colder months and refreshing and sweet edibles for your hot summer days. However, always be prepared for both. Just because it is cold outside does not mean you will not sell any snow cones but you will obviously capitalize on them the most during hotter times of the year. Your product stock is also a key element to consider when analyzing your profits.

Concession Equipment Under Tight Management

  • For many functions and most other applications, concessions will be headed by a main leader and operated by the workers. In this situation make sure you have a clear organization of who will be in charge of what. For the most positive concession experience plan ahead and set your costs and your menu items in a well thought out and organized way to avoid confusion and headaches once you begin. For fund raisers or "team" orientated events, avoid allowing team members, coaches and any other unauthorized people to tap into your concession. This will dip into your profits considerably and will complicate your costs analysis and stock maintenance. If you are to provide free concession products for a few eligible people then separate this from your main stock for paying customers. This will provide a clear separation of how much is sold versus how much is given away.
  • For the most part keep souvenirs and fund raising items separate from your concession equipment and supplies. If at all possible, set up a separate area to designate for these items. Bunching this with your concessions will make it difficult to calculate your "concession only" profits. Make sure you know how much money is invested and how much money is being made. Careful analysis will keep you above the profit margin and will ensure that your concessions, your concession equipment and your concession supplies will provide you maximum return on your investment.

As always we encourage you to call or email us with any questions you may have regarding concession equipment and concession supplies. If you do not see an item you are looking for or if you are unsure about any of our concession equipment, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.