How Do You Determine What Dishwasher Size you Need?

What Size Dishwasher Do You Need

In order to help you determine what size dishwashing machine you will need to purchase, you must first of all determine how many racks of dishes per hour will will generate.

Here's an equation that may help: # of pieces per person x # of persons per hour ÷ 20 pieces per rack = racks per hour required.

Temperature Requirements

Nationwide, health inspectors require that a dishwashing machine rinse temperatures be verified to reach between 170°F to 212°F. That is the range which is sure to kill bacteria.

Things to Consider When Buying Dishwasher Racks

• What size are your glasses?
• Do you plan on using the racks for storage also?

It is very important that you consider these points. Purchasing improper dishwashing racks can result in more breakage.

Ask us for help in selecting the proper racks.