HACCP Planning

Having a HACCP Plan Is Crucial

A Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program is a system of science-based process controls designed to identify and prevent physical, chemical and microbial hazards that cause food-borne illnesses. By charting the flow of food through your operation, points can be identified where contamination or growth of micro-organisms occur. Control features can then be implemented based on the identified hazard.

HACCP Guidelines:

  1. Analyze potential hazards and describe preventive measures.
  2. Identify critical-control points and establish a flow chart.
  3. Establish preventive measures with critical limits for each control point.
  4. Establish procedures to monitor the control points.
  5. Establish corrective actions to correct the hazard immediately.
  6. Set-up an effective record-keeping procedure that documents the HACCP system.
  7. Establish procedures for verification that the HACCP system is working correctly.