Jean’s Restaurant Supply Freight Shipping Disclaimer

A signature is required for all deliveries during regular business hours (Monday‐Friday 9:00AM to 6:00PM). Prior to signing and accepting any freight, please insure it has been carefully inspected for any visible or concealed damage that may have occurred during transit, while the driver is present.

It is the responsibility of the consignee(s) to receive all item(s). The consignee must be present to receive any item(s) at the time of delivery.

The Consignee Responsibilities(s)

Failure for a consignee(s) to be present to accept a delivery may result in a delayed delivery and possible holding of the item(s) as well as additional charges by the freight company. If the freight company is unable to make delivery, storage charges for each day held will accrue. If held, these charges are the responsibility of the client who placed the order. In the event that neither the freight company nor JRS (Jean's Restaurant Supply) are able to contact the client who placed the order, the item(s) will be returned to JRS. In this event, the client who placed the order will be held responsible for any and all costs (including, but not limited to; storage and any additional delivery attempts). Also, at discretion JRS may access a restocking fee.

Receiving Delivered Item(s)

The consignee is responsible for the removal of all item(s) from the truck. The truck driver(s) will position the item(s) in the back of the truck. Driver(s) are not allowed or responsible for removing delivered item(s). Unless a lift gate service is requested at the time of the order, the consignee is responsible for handling the item(s) which may require a fork‐lift. If the shipment can't be unloaded, and the freight company is requested to return with a lift‐gate equipped truck, the consignee will be responsible for the cost.

Inspecting Your Shipment.

Prior to signing and accepting any freight, please insure it has been carefully inspected for any damage. It is the consignee's responsibility to inspect their shipment for any and all damages. If the packaging shows any indication of damage or mistreatment, please open it immediately and carefully review its contents. The consignee may ask the driver to aid in the inspection of the item(s). If the item(s) have been damaged, the consignee (or the driver) must write a precise description of the damage on both the consignees copy and the freight company's copy of the delivery docket. In the event damaged item(s) are discovered, please call or email JRS immediately so that we may initiate a damage claim with the freight company.

Please note; JRS is exempt from any and all damages to any item(s) unless noted on the shipping waybill by the receiving consignee.

Concealed Loss or Damage

Please open and inspect all item(s) within the shipment as quickly as possible. If concealed damage is discovered please contact us immediately. Also, please make every attempt to leave the package, package materials and its contents as you found them when you first discovered the damage.

Note: The consignee doesn't retain the power to refuse any damaged item(s) unless the item(s) are damaged or rendered useless. If the item(s) are partially or slightly damaged, the consignee should accept the entire shipment. The consignee is responsible for any and all holding and or shipping charges on any refused shipment(s) that the freight company deems repairable.

Lift Gate Services and Inside Delivery Lift Gate Services are available and can be requested at the time of an order (at additional costs). The item(s) if Lift Gate Services are requested will be delivered curb side of the supplied delivery address. If you believe you may require lift gate or inside delivery, please contact JRS for assistance with booking the delivery service on 800-840-3610.

Delivery Truck Limited Access

All freight deliveries will arrive, in most cases, in a full size rigid truck. It is the customer's responsibility to notify JRS at the time of order, if your delivery location has limited access. In the event the delivery truck can't access, the consignee is responsible for any additional delivery attempts and its cost(s).

Additional Freight Charges

Unless otherwise written on the original JRS Sales Invoice, any and all additional charges such as; delivery appointment, lift gate service, inside delivery, change(s) of address, residential delivery, limited access, re‐delivery, and storage fees will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Returns or Merchandise Credit(s)

Please retain any and all packing and/ or shipping materials until satisfied with your item(s). The packaging and/ or shipping materials are required for any returns or merchandise credit. Also, at discretion JRS may access a restocking fee.

If you should have any additional question(s) and or concerns please contact us.