6 Tools You Need to Have in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Supplies

Here is a brief overview of various kitchen supplies and tools, and how they can help make your kitchen run better than it ever has before.

Bun Pans- Most people that have been in a commercial kitchen are very familiar with bun pans. Although the name denotes its purpose for bread, bun pans are very versatile baking surfaces. Many kitchen equipment manufacturers purposely size there products to accommodate full size bun pans. We recommend that you always stock your kitchen with several sizes of bun pans. Bun pans come in full-size (18''x26''), half-size (13''x18'') and 3/4 size (15''x21''). Remember not to confuse your bun pan sizes with your pan insert sizes which are used in food bars and prep stations!

Cookware - Here you will find an assortment of cooking utensils that are designed to be put directly onto intense heat. This includes fry pans, skillets, griddles, sauce pans, etc. For most cookware you will want to note if the item has a non-stick surface. Some vendors add Teflon coatings to their cookware to provide a non-stick surface. You will normally find that these pans are black as opposed to standard cookware which have a clean aluminum or stainless steel finish.

Cutlery - If you work in a kitchen, you will inevitable at some point need a cutting utensil. This is the world of cutlery. Cutlery items are more than just knives. Sharpening stones, sheers, butcher tools, cutting boards and protective gloves all fall into the cutlery section. Remember that if you are aren't getting the right cut, you probably aren't using the right cutlery tool.

Kitchen Tools - Working in a kitchen should never be a hassle if you have the right kitchen tools. Kitchen tools and supplies are designed to speed up your employees. Provide your staff with the right kitchen tools and you will have less mistakes and more consistent plates.

Dough Prep - For most kitchens handling any type of bread, you will need to make sure your stocked with the proper dough prep supplies. This includes everything from dough mixers and dough rollers to rolling pins, pie cutters and dough scrapers. A good tip is to always keep your dough supplies and your dough prep equipment away from any condensers that may be exposed with your refrigeration equipment. Airborne flour and dough particles will inevitably get into your coils and create unwanted problems. For example, we recommend that you never put a mixer next to an ice machine. Avoiding these layouts will ensure you that your refrigeration never receives unnecessary damage.

Pizza Supplies - Pizza style food products generally have their own set of equipment and tools. Many of these pizza supplies are designed to compliment pizza baking ovens. Items such as pizza cutters, pizza peels, pizza oven paddles and pizza pans are recommended for use with flattened round dough. Unconventional uses of these type of pizza supplies is widely excepted, but their true purpose is denoted by their name.