10 Tabletop Supplies You Need to Have in Your Kitchen

You'll be covered with our large selection of baskets, ash trays, candles, pitchers, menu covers, check holders and more. Let's look at a few typical table top supplies common with most restaurants and diners.

Baskets - Fast food establishments take particular advantage of this type of table top supply. By serving your food in a basket, you have less china and dishes to wash. Baskets are not fragile and they are less expensive. They will need to be periodically replaced so make sure you are always stocked up.

Ash Trays - Smoking in restaurants is on the decline, but we find that smokers will stick to the places that accept their habits. For smoking establishments, you will need to be ready with the right ashtrays. Setting your table tops in any smoking venue with ashtrays should be considered as standard practice.

Pitchers - Its safe to assume that most of us know what pitchers are and the purposes they serve. Its a simple and time tested serving tool that no establishment should be without. Pitchers are used widely in every restaurant and bar in the world.

Check Holders - For any restaurant which cashes out from the table or provides a guest check to be paid for up front, a check holder is an absolute essential. Check holders can also be customized to display your establishment's logo or any other type of graphic. Let us know if your looking for a customized check holder and we will be more than happy to help you out.

Menu Covers - Menu covers come in a variety of sizes and styles to match up with any menu list. Whether you're a cafe or a full service restaurant, menu covers will add an edge of professionalism to your establishment. Customized menu covers are also available.

Dispensers - Dispensers cover a wide range of supplies including sugar dispensers, napkin dispensers, condiment caddies, tooth pick dispensers, cup dispensers and more. These are the fundamental items found in virtually every food service establishment around the world. Don't sell yourself short! We recommend you keep plenty of tabletop dispenser supplies in stock for your restaurant.

Pourers , Shakers and Pepper Mills - Make sure you keep plenty of salt and pepper ready for your table top. With our selection of salt shakers and pourers, cheese shakers, pepper mills and more you can be sure that your tabletop is set with all the essentials.

Cruets - These specialty containers are real gems on a table top set up. Cruets are traditionally used for storing your vinegar, olive oil and specialty dressings. These tabletop supplies are sure to make elegant impressions with your guests.