Restaurant Textiles - Aprons ,Clothing, Gloves, Headwear

Aprons - For your wait staff and your kitchen hands, always have fresh and clean aprons. Our aprons come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, pocket arrangements and more. We have aprons in stock ready for immediate delivery to your business.

Clothing - Here you will find a vast selection of chef's wear, chef pants, chef hats, and chef coats. Like aprons, there are many style, color and size options available. Keep your staff professional and clean with an updated provision of restaurant clothing and chef's wear.

Gloves - This covers a selection of textiles specifically designed for the hands. This includes items such as cut resistant gloves, dishwashing gloves, white waiter and waitress gloves, and protective gloves. Gloves are necessities for protection, and sanitation in your commercial kitchen.

Oven Mitts - Like gloves, oven mitts are intended for using on your hands. With oven mitts, you will protect yourself from the intense heat emitted from most commercial ovens and cooking equipment. It is absolutely mandatory that your cook staff use oven mitts when cooking with or operating any type of oven. Not doing so will severely increase your chances of injuring an employee. Make certain you have the proper oven mitts stocked in your kitchen.

Headwear - Nothing says you're the "Chef" quite like a chef's hat. Our Headwear section is chock-full of great prices on a variety of hats, caps, bandannas, and chef hats. Headwear is necessary to keep unwanted hair particles from falling into your food. Chef's hats are also great for home use as well. Impress your next dinner party and let them know who the 'real' chef is!