A Comprehensive Guide On How To Upgrade Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Upgrade Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Running a restaurant kitchen is more than overseeing the staff and managing the food orders. Regular maintenance and servicing of commercial kitchen equipment, systems, and services are also crucial to run a smooth restaurant business.

The routine maintenance is not limited to daily cleaning of your cooking appliances and work surfaces, it also includes scheduling a professional appointment for a deep clean of ventilation hoods, walk-in fridges, and freezers.

Additionally, the motors, hinges, and glides require periodic lubrication to keep them working efficiently. However, make sure it doesn’t exceed your budget and save big on major repairs. At Jean’s RS, we recommend creating a detailed schedule for cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen equipment. The best thing about it is that your machinery, appliances, and systems will function efficiently. It helps you save energy, extend your lifespan, and create a safe work environment for the people around you.

In this blog, we will discuss why it is crucial to upgrade your kitchen equipment and how to maintain it efficiently. So, without any further ado, let's get started.

What are the benefits of upgrading your commercial kitchen equipment?

Whether you run an individual food establishment or work with a decent hotel group, you cannot deny that all the gastronomical delights get prepared in your pantry using commercial kitchen equipment.

Commercial kitchen equipment is your venture’s backbone and a medium to express your creative skills. However, make sure the workspace does wonders for the culinary. You may be attached to and acquainted with the devices and appliances in use today, but it is a bad idea to not consider an upgrade. Below we have curated a list of reasons to buy better items for your pantry.

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The major benefits of upgrading your old commercial kitchen equipment are discussed below.

Boost the food quality and taste

One of the major benefits of replacing your industrial appliance is to enhance the delicacy’s quality and boost your customer service. It is a great idea to consider updating the equipment of food establishments. New and latest devices will undoubtedly function better, under enhanced pressure, without hampering the quality of the dishes.

The better quality of the appliances will make the cuisine taste much better. It is the usual deliciousness of the food that the customers and diners preserve in their memories. Therefore, it is an excellent way to make them remember the delicious meal they enjoyed at your restaurant and keep coming for more.

Decrease upkeep and maintenance expenses

The better quality and exotic savouriness are the cherry on the cake. But, the most valid reasons to update your kitchen appliances can also generate revenues for businesses by reducing maintenance charges. For instance, it is highly cost-efficient, better in quality, and offers long-term service. The brand-new devices are less vulnerable to damage and breakdowns. It also looks straightforward to maintain, and store, and significantly reduces your heavy maintenance cost. Restaurant owners can spend that budget on bolstering other ventures like workspace elegance, promotion of the employees, and more.

Boost functionality & effectiveness

If you wish to ensure the efficient management of your restaurant staff members, update the commercial appliances on regular basis. This approach will significantly improve operations in your kitchen, and considerably reduce the time taken for the preparation of the meal. You will unveil more opportunities to focus on other essential factors and display them without stressing over potential delays.

Enhance your capital income

It is certainly an expensive decision to revamp your restaurant pantry area, but you’ve to look at the bigger picture here. Your commercial kitchen equipment is more of an investment rather than an expenditure. If your business operates with rented equipment, upgrading to a new appliance is an asset for life. This component will offer great benefits if you try to lure investors, apply for a loan, or decide to sell the establishment for a good price. Upgrading your commercial kitchen equipment will increase sales and profit generation.

Enhanced food security

Food security is paramount for the success of any food enterprise. It is one of the crucial reasons why people find restaurant delicacies tempting and delicious. Remember a thriving business could easily suffer huge losses due to unintentional safety guidelines and health-safety violations. Therefore, make sure you pay close attention to the additional storage space, get help from the food safety auditors, and gain more consumers’ trust.

When is the right time to replace commercial kitchen equipment?

Employees are certainly the greatest asset of your restaurant business, but kitchen equipment always comes close to the second position. However, old and unreliable equipment can hamstring the employee’s ability to serve the best to their customers. We understand running a restaurant doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, at Jean’s RS, we offer new and used kitchen equipment at the best affordable prices to help restaurants meet their quality standards.

Knowing when to replace or upgrade your old equipment is an overwhelming task. Only you can determine which kitchen equipment requires servicing, restoration, or replacement. However, to make it easier on you, we have curated a list of top tricks to recognize when to replace your kitchen appliances.

If you have recently encountered some severe deterioration issues, especially in the heating equipment. Old commercial ranges or grills are more prone to vulnerabilities like flame control with gas ranges and lighting the burners. The precise temperature is one of the major benefits of cooking on gas. These issues may look small but can annoy the chefs and disrupt the taste of their dishes. On the other hand, the steam tables keep the delicacies heated, inadequate temperature maintenance may result in food getting too warm or at dangerously low temperatures.

If you keep the steam table for customer self-service, these problems can turn into hazardous situations.


Employees can easily get frustrated working on unreliable kitchen equipment. Outdated equipment holds your employees back from performing their best. Therefore, visit Jean’s RS to help your restaurant employees reach their full potential and get the kitchen of their dreams with useful and dependable kitchen equipment to work with.

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What is the significance of kitchen equipment?

Commercial kitchen equipment defines your kitchen business, making it easier to serve your customers and grow your business with excellence.

Why follow a strict maintenance routine for my commercial kitchen equipment?

Any equipment that uses electricity, gas, or water will run much more efficiently when kept clean and serviced regularly. Machines that are cleaned and maintained regularly will inevitably lower your utility bills to accomplish their goal.

How can I make my commercial kitchen more efficient?

  • Rethink your kitchen equipment

  • Create an efficient inventory system

  • Create efficient work stations

  • Prepare ahead of time

  • Listen to employees' feedback

  • Consult with a professional kitchen supplier