Comprehensive Guide To Buy The Right Commercial Toaster In 2023

Comprehensive Guide To Buy The Right Commercial Toaster In 2023

Serving hot toasted bread, bagels, and bakery items on the go gets challenging for any successful restaurant business. Any bakery, bar, or food deli cannot afford people waiting in a long queue for their orders getting prepared forever. If this sounds like you, a conveyor toaster is the need of your hour.

Ideal for toasting bread in bulk every hour, the conveyor toaster makes breakfast service heavily streamlined. If you and your staff are also tired of toasting bread in the oven or traditional toaster, it's time to switch to a commercial conveyor toaster and simplify the entire process. Unlike the traditional toasters that you have in your home, a conveyor toaster features a moving conveyor belt inside and helps toast uniformly quickly. The bread moves through the toaster and is quicker than a store-bought toaster.

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What is a commercial toaster?

Commercial toasters are often used to toast bread, bagels, English muffins, buns, and more such bread products. Generally, it comes in 3 different forms – Pop-up, Conveyor, and Bun Grilling. Let's discuss further how each stack up against your needs and narrow down your research work.

Key points to consider while buying a commercial toaster

There are four key points to work on while investing in a new commercial toaster for your restaurant:

What will it toast?

Some toasters are capable of toasting only the bread, while others toast bagels, buns, English muffins, or all the above. Knowing which items your food menu serves will help you decide on the right toaster for your restaurant's purpose. A low-volume establishment with a high-output curbs hidden costs associated with the preparation. Therefore, choose a toaster that can toast anywhere from 60 to 1,600 slices per hour.

How much space will it acquire?

Counterspace is paramount in every kitchen, irrespective of personal or commercial space. Therefore, get enough space to hold the toaster you purchase, and check whether you’ve enough clearance for the tall units.

What are the electrical requirements to install a commercial toaster?

Check whether you are capable of handling 120V, 208V, or 240V electrical connections. It will ensure the toaster and the other equipment function smoothly.

Now, let’s discuss each type of commercial toaster to determine which will serve you the right purpose.

Commercial pop-up toaster

You may think of pop-up toasters as the one mom used to toast muffins, but on the inside, these commercial-grade toasters are capable of toasting up to 500 bread slices per hour. It also offers amazing benefits like being one of the most common types of toasters and the least expensive in the market. The pop-up toaster operates in s simple manner with a standard dial to determine the preferred shade of toast. Also, it is a straightforward, on-demand, push-down lever to “start” the unit up.

These toasters use less energy and have a small footprint than other models to function accurately. Above all, it comes in a wide range from light to heavy-duty, choosing an option that comes down to the volume of toast you’re looking to cook on your breakfast menu.

However, it may look perfect in the right setting, but like any machinery equipment, there are some flaws that it comes with. For instance, the heating elements in a pop-up toaster can burn out faster than other models, because they are small and aren’t designed to take a high volume of continual toasting. The push-down lever is also prone to breaking if handled for a quite long period. Also, with only two or four slots available in it, toasting encounters a few limitations for high-end restaurants.

On the positive side, its easy-to-use functionalities make pop-up toasters perfect for front-of-the-house operations like continental breakfasts, cafeterias, buffets, and more. Therefore, check for a well-crafted, durable toaster with a removable crumb tray that makes cleaning an easy task. Also, look for wider slots that are considered for increased versatility to toast items like bagels and buns. Lastly, if you are planning to buy a pop-up toaster, pay close attention to the aesthetics and choose the one that looks great and offers great functionality.

Conveyor toasters

Conveyor toasters move bread along with a belt in a heated chamber to toast the sides evenly. When you get 3 times the amount of bread slices toasted then you will certainly choose a pop-up toaster. It means, you’ll not just get toasted bread quickly but your equipment will also be in a long haul. Remember that like pop-up toasters, conveyor toasters are typically made of product opening – fitting a slice of bread in the main opening, but also ensuring there’s enough clearance for the bread to flip correctly in the back of the machine. Failing to do it may cause problems with your Texas Toast and bagels.

Automation, reliability, and enhanced output make the conveyor toasters perfect for restaurants with high breakfast and sandwich demands. College cafeterias, hospitals, hotel restaurants, and delis can leverage the benefits of its convenient, automated conveyor. Also, the staff can enjoy additional features like toasting 2,000 slices of bread at once. Make sure you choose a conveyor toaster with stainless steel construction and a well-crafted design.

Contact toasters

The contact toasters operate by pulling a slice of bread or a bun against the heated sheet, which creates a caramelized, sealed surface that supports added condiments and juices for sandwich ingredients. This caramelized seal increases the flavor of the bun, which helps limit unsavory, soggy bread. Above all, the size of contact toasters can vary depending on your restaurant’s demands.

These contact toasters are great for busy burger joints that put out a high volume of sandwiches or buttery bagels. It helps the restaurant automate one more task within the kitchen, decreasing the labor of toasting and buttering every slice. Check for the contact unit made of stainless steel material and robust construction.


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How to choose the right bread toaster?

  • Number of bread slices it can prepare at once

  • Auto buttons

  • High-end cleaning functionality

  • Many-in-one option

  • Sleek designs

What toaster makes the best toast?

Star QCS2-500 Electric Conveyor Toaster is one of the most chosen commercial toasters that can toast an astonishing amount of 500 slices at once. Its horizontal conveyor, analog speed, standby switch, independent controls for top & bottom quartz heater elements, stainless steel construction with smooth cool touch exterior, and more.

What is the ideal watt for a commercial toaster?

A toaster is found in many kitchens and is popular at restaurants for toasting bread or heating up certain pre-baked toaster pastries. It uses 800 to 1500 watts of energy when in use. An average toaster will use approximately 1200 watts for smooth functionality.