Used Vs New Kitchen Equipment: Which Is The Best For Restaurant Business

Used Vs New Kitchen Equipment: Which Is The Best For Restaurant Business

Kitchen equipment is the heart of every restaurant. If your kitchen utensils and products are in right place, nothing can stop you from making your restaurant business a success. However, commercial kitchen equipment requires a substantial amount of investment, which not every restaurant can afford.

Therefore, many new restaurant entrepreneurs wonder whether to get old and second-hand equipment or buy a new one. Although buying old kitchen equipment may cost you less, it will have comparatively less shelf life. Similarly, a new one will cost you big but comes with a higher shelf life, and comes with a warranty. Both methods share pros and cons, which this blog will precisely talk about today. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Buying new vs used restaurant kitchen equipment: How to decide?

Buying used restaurant equipment is solely a financial decision because they don’t come cheap. Also, the cost of kitchen equipment, rent, utilities, business permits, insurance, employee wages, and more add unexpected and unnecessary expenses to the business.

On the other hand, buying used restaurant equipment can save you money, but if not purchased right, it can turn out to be disastrous. Equipment and machines break down, which requires high repair costs, and poor customer service.

The benefits of buying old, used restaurant kitchen equipment

Investing in previously used restaurant kitchen equipment is one of the most viable options if you are running your restaurant business with budget constraints. It is the most feasible choice, and all for the right reasons. Here are the advantages of buying used restaurant equipment:

  • It is cost-effective: The cost of used restaurant kitchen equipment varies on different factors. Therefore, you can easily ask for less price from the dealers and don’t feel ashamed of bargaining at the right price.

  • It still feels new: The restaurant industry has a high turnover rate. Therefore, your send-hand kitchen equipment becomes practically a brand new one. However, examine the material for rust, missing pieces, and parts that are functional to save big on the investment.

  • Complimentary items: While purchasing multiple pieces of used equipment, you can request that the seller offers an extra item to show good faith. It will help you save more for new equipment, rehabilitation, or a rainy day.

  • You can get reconditioned items: Many retailers and even the best restaurant supply stores in the USA have in-house staff who recondition the used equipment before putting them on sale. This process is a lucrative one because these are the professionals whom you can contact in case of any maintenance or repair required.

The benefits of buying brand-new restaurant kitchen equipment

Everybody knows that buying new restaurant kitchen equipment is always an expensive venture unless you have a high budget and enough money at hand. However, it is certainly not a bad decision and comes with great benefits like:

  • You get what you need instantly: It is always easier to buy new kitchen restaurant equipment from the store and get the accurate parts under a defined budget.

  • It comes with a warranty: Every new restaurant kitchen equipment comes with a warranty, which is a sign of relief for every restaurant owner. It protects their investment in situations that holds potential failure or breakdown of the equipment. It does not just come as a mind relief but also ensures that their maintenance will cost them less comparatively.

  • Enhanced performance: The new restaurant kitchen equipment offers a high-performance rate with a reduced scope of delays, and helps the chefs prepare their dishes faster. Also, they can preserve the raw materials for a longer period to serve the customers faster than ever.

  • It meets your health codes: Every restaurant owner prioritizes safe and healthy products that preserve the quality of the food prepared. With these criteria, a wide array of innovative equipment is discovered and launched every year. Therefore, if you get hold of used or second-hand equipment, there are chances you won’t meet the new health and safety standards, which the new products can offer with complied regulations.

  • It is an energy-efficient option: Most of the new restaurant kitchen equipment is certified by food and safety departments. It helps customers save their costs in the long run without worrying about utility bills and safety measures.

What are the 5 things to consider while buying used kitchen equipment?

If you are new to the restaurant business, and have a tight budget, buying used kitchen equipment is the best deal you can ask for. At Jean’s RS, we offer a wide range of used kitchen equipment including Vulcan VC4GD Double Deck Gas Convection Oven and Manitowoc SPA-160 Ice Dispenser for hotels, motels, and resorts to help them serve their customers brilliantly.

We understand it's not an easy task to buy used kitchen equipment at the start of your food business because you cannot compromise on food quality. Therefore, here is a quick checklist of tips to consider while buying used kitchen equipment:

Cleanliness is paramount

Before you decide on buying used kitchen equipment, thoroughly inspect the unit to make sure it is clean and in good condition. Open it up, run a clean cloth over the commonly dirty areas, and check for the trouble regions like corners. You can also ask the company you are buying from what schedule it maintained during the service period. Also, before using the used equipment, make sure you get it cleaned by professionals.

Keep it simple

Look out for simple equipment while purchasing used ones. You haven’t seen how much the product was used and up to what extent. Some parts may have broken and been repaired multiple times. Therefore, do not invest in fancy ones. Instead, go for electric devices, gas-powered equipment, or ones with few parts.

Consider the part’s availability

Getting great discounts on used kitchen equipment may sometimes feel like the best deal. However, be aware that one of the reasons why people sell their equipment at a very low price is due to the lack of some parts. Also, if your used kitchen equipment breaks down and you can’t find the parts, you’re left with the choice of replacing it instead of repairing it.


At Jean’s RS, we will love to address your queries and concerns related to the used kitchen equipment’s history. We understand and value our client’s restaurant business. Therefore, we ensure to provide them with the best products (brand new or used) to help them upscale their restaurant business and flourish. We are the best restaurant supply store in USA that offers world-class kitchen equipment to revamp your restaurant business.

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Why buy used restaurant equipment?

Used equipment is an excellent money saver, and looking for equipment that you think is permissible can save you a lot in the long run. While buying used kitchen equipment, you get quality products at a reduced price.

Why prefer used kitchen equipment over brand new?

The used restaurant equipment can save you more money at the start of your restaurant business, which you can use for marketing, paying off insurance, and settling miscellaneous costs.

When to replace restaurant kitchen equipment?

Ideally, your kitchen equipment’s maintenance costs must outweigh the price of acquiring new appliances. The thumb rule is to start thinking about a good replacement deal when the repair cost exceeds 50% of the new equipment value.