Guide To Buying The Right Tabletops For Your Restaurant Business In 2022

Guide To Buying The Right Tabletops For Your Restaurant Business In 2022

When it comes to creating a perfect dining experience, it’s the little things that hold the power to make things right. Whether you are opening a new eatery or updating the current establishment, the odds are changing the tables will be part of the entire overhaul plan, which is understandable.

A restaurant’s table plays an integral role in creating the right base for your business setup. Nothing has that power quite like the tables you choose for your restaurant which can become a deal-breaker. It's understandable that guests aren’t visiting your restaurant solely because they are attracted to the size of the tables, shape, and interior décor of the dining spaces. But if you don’t put much thought into the tables to support your customer’s dining experience, then you take the risk of creating a cohesive vibe around.

From aesthetic restaurant design to its functionalities, attention to detail is the key to success. Whether you own a traditional restaurant, a sushi bar, or a bistro, choosing the right restaurant tables is paramount. They give your restaurant a unique ambiance and structured layout of the guide room. So, here is the guide to buying the right restaurant tabletop supplies and high-quality hospitality furniture.

What are the different types of restaurant tables?

There are three major types of tables, which we will discuss here:

  • Bistro tables: These tables are synonymous with aperitifs, and often come with a small tabletop. The size should not be more than 70cm, which is ideal for people gathering around for a quick drink.

  • Dining tables: These tables are more classic, and are found usually in restaurants. The dining tables are versatile and come in various sizes to perfectly fit into your space.

  • High tables/standing tables: Both these tables are almost similar with a slight difference in height where the high tables come at 90 cm and standing tables at 110 cm.

The secret to choosing the right restaurant table is configuring the entire room and creating different spaces for clients of all types. People who want to eat quickly can sit on the high tables, which the larger tables should be in the area where people prefer sitting and enjoying their meal with a good drink.

What should be the size and shape of your tables?

From round and square tables to oval and rectangular ones, there’s something for restaurants of all types. Firstly, you need to know the capacity of your restaurant and then work on the size and shape of the tables. For customers to get seated comfortably, it is advisable to keep 60 cm per person, and 150 cm between two different table chairs for maximum comfort.

Some key details of all types of tables are as follows:

  • Rectangular table: While choosing this table, think about the person who will sit at the end of the table, as the space should be comfortable, not squeezed, and there should not be the “knee conflict”

  • Oval table: This type of table should have a reduced tabletop surface. It must get compensated for a longer tabletop so that there is enough room for the cutleries and your customer’s knees don’t touch the end of the table.

  • Round table: It takes a lot of space, but the large diameter of the table will create more distance between the two people facing each other. Consider the maximum acceptable distance for two people to communicate. The round tables are perfect for less noisy rooms where people can hear each other and spend quality time together.

  • Square table: These tables are particularly voluminous and suitable for large rooms to accommodate them efficiently. Similar to the round tables, the square tables should also have a distance enough so that they can communicate without disturbing the other guests around.

What are the key factors to consider while choosing restaurant table designs?

The majority of interior professionals and restaurant supply stores in the USA suggest tabletops that are carefully addressed with some of the crucial factors discussed here:

Ambiance and vibes

Assess your general mood and environment, and find out what kind of atmosphere you wish to create around. From appearances and sensations, you can assist yourself in delivering the right picture which your customers will love. The goal is to do more with less effort. Therefore, stay clear in mind and then shop for the perfect restaurant table tops.


Look out for the tabletop material that compliments the appearance of your restaurant and fulfills the demand for functionalities. Choose the material that is easy-to-clean and low-maintenance enough possible. Resin, stainless steel, butcher block, and granite are some easy options to choose from if you are unable to create a clear picture in the mind.

Although a rustic wooden table may appear impressive at first. It won’t withstand wear and tear usage for long enough. Also, when it comes to a business outdoor restaurant supply store in the USA, Jean’s RS is your go-to solution. We hear out our customer’s demands and requirements to suggest the best tabletop decors and bespoke restaurant supplies that look visually appealing and withstand time.


Quality is paramount in every business. Whether it’s the lighting or the fabric of the curtains, durable options are crucial for any business person. However, durability should not only be the factor to focus on because a durable household dining table will not suffice in a restaurant. Therefore, choose high-quality tabletops intended for restaurant use rather than domestic use. Your restaurant must endure hundreds of people every week, and it should be clean and sturdy for every guest.


The restaurant tabletops create a massive impact on the entire mood and aesthetics of your dining space. It is one of the first things your customers will notice – from the materials used to the overall design and durability of the finished products.

Therefore, choose a trusted and professional restaurant supply store in the USA like Jean’s RS that caters to your needs, understands your budget, and suggests the best elements to style up your restaurant business.

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What are the best materials used for tabletops?

Solid wood and quartz are the most recommended materials used for tabletops, thanks to their durable nature.

Which is the most durable finish for a restaurant tabletop?

Urethane and polyurethane-based products are the most durable products for kitchen tables. Once dry, it safeguards from all kinds of spills and resists a considerable amount of heat. Also, a polyurethane-finished tabletop can last for many years without much maintenance.

What shape tabletop is the most efficient one for restaurants?

Round-shaped tabletop is the most recommended one, as it brings the people together and helps them enjoy the meal and conversation without anyone getting obstructed.